Date:August 23, 2012


At the beginning of 2012 , JHAS under UNHCR project has designated a outreach team for collecting a data about displaced Syrians in Jordan .A vulnerability form has been created including all need information and covering all  aspects of refugees mainly , bio data , health , education , vaccination , disabilities , living condition , protection  ,  urgent need . In order to save this information and report in regular bases, JHAS IT department has created a computerized data base and all collected data entered. Therefore, JHAS can extract any type of reports in regular basis.

Moreover, JHAS outreach officer is responsible for submitting a weekly report to UNHCR about all detected cases that in need for protection mainly for cases that are fallen under Gender based violence.

A internal and external referrals mechanism  is maintain between JHAS and other related partners in order to make sure all cases that in need for urgent intervention have been benefited from available services .