Date:August 23, 2012

Medical Training Center

JHAS has established a medical training center in Jordan with cooperation with Jordan university  . The aim is to enhance the quality of medical health services and improving  practical skills of medical professionals in Jordan mainly for those fresh graduated  that will give them a chance to find job either in Jordan or in region . It is important to mentioned that JHAS provided this training for  medical staff  from other nationalities .  all JHAS new staff conduct a  training course in different topics according to job description .


JHAS offer the following training course .

  1. Para med.
  2. Critical care .
  3. Emergency .
  4. Infection control
  5. Basic life support .
  6. Advanced cardiac life support .
  7. Respiratory therapy .
  8. Cardiac catheterization .
  9. Renal dialysis .
  10. Communication skills .
  11. Management and leader ship .