Date:August 14, 2012


Since the very start of conflict in libya , Jordan health aid society ( JHAS ) and the international medical corps ( IMC )  has provided assistance to the people in libya by sending to the field a qualified staffs of nurses to cover the shortage od nurses staff in libyan hospitals , doctor in providing health care services to the beneficiaries , and to ensure proper hygieny , nurses techniques , sterilization techniques , proper drug management and utilization , and provide training to the medical personnel in libya .

this project has helped many people in various areas of the libyan territories , like evacuating the displaced people from the EGYPTIAN – LIBYAN border who has been without shelter.

(JHAS) Aim was to reduce the spread of diseases among this category , by holding many health awareness sessions , also ( JHAS ) helped the egyptian medical team running the overloaded clinic on the egyptian-libyan border.

Meanwhile ( JHAS ) disribured other medical and nurses staffs to all libyan territoreis such as , misrata , banghazi . ajdabia who has suffered from the lack of medical and the over load of patients. the total of treated patients was five hundred and sixty six patients.