Date:August 23, 2012

International Medical Corps (IMC)

JHAS is one of International Medical Corps’ key partners in Jordan and throughout the Middle East. Most recently, JHAS has deployed dozens of nurses to International Medical Corps emergency response operations in Libya, as well as to other on-going programs in Jordan. In addition to growing demands and opportunities with International Medical Corps, JHAS is also taking on projects with new institutions.


There are three JHAS-IMC static clinics in Amman, Irbid and Zarqa that POCs can approach for primary and

Specialist health services, along with reproductive health and health education.


JHAS provides comprehensive mental health services through JHAS-IMC mental clinics located in Amman, Zarqa and Irbid.  The IMC team; a case manager, a psychologist, and a psychiatric, handled all cases in the clinic for which mental health conditions are detected.  The team received referrals for cases from numerous national and international agencies working in the field. 

There are four JHAS-IMC mental health clinics; two in Amman, one in Zarqa, one Irbid POCscan approach and benefit from the comprehensive free mental health services.