Date:August 23, 2012


Health :

A)Primary health services :JHAS provides comprehensive primary health services through well equipped six static clinics under  and IMC  projects .

  1. Provision of primary health care consultations to vulnerable  persons of concern  by JHAS static clinic.
  2. Provision of antenatal care in accordance with WHO standards.
  3. Provisions of specialized health care to chronic conditions.
  4. Health education session for individual and groups.
  5. Antenatal care.
  6. Family planning.
  7. Child growth monitoring.
  8. Vaccination and immunization monitoring.
  9. Free distribution of micro nutrient’s supplements.
  10. Reproductive health  education.
  11. Obs/Gyn. Consultation will be provided to needy referred women.
  12. Free needed Lab test will be provided accordingly.


B)Secondary health services under UNHCR project:JHAS has had an agreement with Ministry of Health hospitals throughout Jordan, which allow JHAS to access  hospitals throughout Jordan . Also JHAS has had an agreement with Prince Hamza Hospital, considered  a semi-governmental hospital, Jordan University Hospital in Amman, considered an academic non-profit hospital and King Abdullah Hospital in North Jordan, also considered an academic and non profit hospital. The terms of all agreements are reasonable and favorable. As the result , through the above mentioned four agreement ,JHAS refer all patients who are in need for hospital based services according to UNHCR health guidelines .

C)Tertiary health services  under UNHCR project:JHAS clinics is considered an operational clinics for tertiary health services.   A closely coordination between JHAS medical staff and health unit in UNHCR in line of tertiary  cases . Moreover , JHAS staff   have been trained on UNHCR  health guidelines  how to deal with all type of emergency cases ;medically and financially .Consequently , JHAS submit all cases under tertiary health  to UNHCR  to be reviewed by UNHCR exceptional care committee in monthly basis .

D)Mental health :JHAS provides comprehensive mental health services through  JHAS-IMC mental clinics located in Amman, Zarqa and Irbid.  The IMC team; a case manager, a psychologist, and a psychiatric, handled all cases in the clinic for which mental health conditions are detected.  The team received referrals for cases from numerous national and international agencies working in the field.  The psychiatrist is responsible for all initial diagnosis and prescription, as well as for the follow up on medication management.  In case of severe mental illness, POCs who need emergency hospitalization will be referred to Al Fuheis and Al Karamah governmental hospitals based on the agreement between JHAS and the MOH. In addition . IMC/UNHCR established a mental health clinics in Ramtha and Mafraq  with the above mentioned description.

E)Medical mobile clinics ; Currently , JHAS has a six medical mobile clinics under UNHCR, IMC and UNFPA aiming of providing a primary health services to persons of concern in remote area and for whom have no access to public health services .In this case , JHAS has experienced in  move from area to others according to prepared plan .

D)Reproductive health services(RH) : JHAS under UNHCR , UNFPA and IMC projects  is providing a comprehensive RH services , family planning and health education  throughout the Jordan . A 5 gynecologists ,5 midwives have been hired as full time employee  with JHAS  in order to cover the need for RH  among the refugees communities .